Who we are

About Tambour

Founded in 1936, Tambour is the industry leader in the Israeli construction products market.

Tambour specializes in the manufacture and marketing of: quality decorative paints for industry and construction; paints for special applications in the areas of aviation, trains and shipping vessels; advanced construction materials; plasterboards; acoustic ceilings; gypsum blocks; gypsum mortar; studs and tracks; insulation and sealing materials; emulsions for the paint industry; paper and pasteboard; glues for construction, paper and wood; printing paints; road markings and more.

Tambour's vision consists of helping its customers upgrade their living environments and make them more aesthetic and of higher quality.  Tambour is a private company under the control of the Kusto Group, an international corporation with global holdings in the areas of construction, infrastructure, and energy. 

Tambour employs a wide variety of marketing channels through which it strengthens its connections with target audiences and enhances awareness for smart consumption.  As the market leader, the company name has become a generic term for paints.  In a survey conducted by Yedioth Aharonot in 2015, some 70% of Israelis identified Tambour as the leader in the country's paint industry.

Throughout the years Tambour has expanded its areas of specialization, thus offering its end customers a growing selection of product categories that synergize perfectly with their needs and the paint world.  At "Tambour House", the company's showroom, one may find an assortment of Tambour products that offer the broadest range of solutions for construction—plasterboards, construction products, powders, glues, insulation and sealing materials, and, of course, exterior coatings and interior paints.

Tambour House – all solutions under one roof

Tambour, Israel's most advanced company in the manufacturer of paint and finishing materials for construction, offers its customers holistic, top to bottom solutions.  The company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of high quality paint products for the private sector, industry and construction including paints for the aviation industry, trains, shipping vessels, vehicles, and printing as well as advanced gypsum products and sealing, proofing and insulation materials.

The domain of construction demands optimal synchronization and matching between types of materials, products and application methods.  Tambour's comprehensive solutions to customers' needs offers them a high degree of confidence in the final result, comprised of a full range of components and materials—all originating from the same high quality manufacturer—that synergize with the highest existing standards.

The Group's plants include:

  • Tambour plant in Acre, Israel's largest paint plant producing decorative paint products and wood coatings.
  • Askar plant, mainly producing paints for industry and metals.
  • Gypsum plant in Acre, producing gypsum boards and blocks as well as studs and tracks.
  • Construction materials plant, in southern Ashkelon, producing emulsions, construction materials, additives for construction & industry, glues and sealing materials.
  • Gypsum plant in Kibbutz Gesher, specializing in gypsum mortar and gypsum-based construction products.
  • Printing paints plant in southern Ashkelon.   

Quality of the environment

Scores of products from Tambour's product selection carry the Green Seal of the Standards Institute.  The products are manufactured in compliance with stringent environmental quality standards which came into force in Europe in 2010.  In 2011, the Tambour gypsum plant and its products were awarded the Green Seal from the Standards Institute.  All of Tambour's paint plants, plasterboards and gypsum blocks carry the Quality of Environment 14001 Standard.

Standards and corporate responsibility

  • Maala – Over the past five years, Tambour has been assigned a 'Platinum' ranking in the Maala corporate social responsibility index.
  • Standards Institution of Israel – Beginning in 2012, Tambour has been awarded the Diamond Standard in recognition of its attainment of numerous quality standards for its products.
  • The Galilee and Negev Development Authority – Tambour was given a five-star rating for quality and excellence by the Galilee and Negev Development Authority, plus a commendation in the National Quality competition.
  • Manufacturers Association of Israel – In 2012, Tambour was awarded the Northern Industry Prize in the category of corporate responsibility.


Advanced distribution apparatus

Tambour has a broad distribution apparatus comprising 1200 'Tambouriot' branches all across Israel.  Tambour's computerized database of paints integrates with more than 750 points of sale.  In addition, the company has points of sale across Europe, the Mediterranean basin, Africa, the Far East, and continental America.

Professionally attending to target audiences

Tambour has two primary target audiences: (1) builders & renovators; (2) the professional audience – including retailers, construction and renovation contractors, architects and designers.  The company's service, advisory and guidance set-up, among the most innovative in the domestic market, provides information and professional instruction in order to supply professional solutions of the highest and most in-depth levels—from advice in shade coordination to professional instruction, training and service, including in customers' homes. 

One of Tambour's flagship activities for its professional audience is the Tambour Forum – 'professionals to professionals', aimed at upgrading and deepening knowledge among the company's business partners based on the belief that when professionals become further professionalized, the entire market benefits.  Accordingly, Tambour has created advanced instructional and training frameworks for professionals. The majority of activity takes place in Tambour House.

Tambour House – Israel's largest painting advisory center

Since its opening in Tel Aviv in October 2008, Tambour House has hosted more than a quarter of a million visitors.  The main goal of this innovative center is to expose its visitors to Tambour's values and vision via professional and experiential means.  This unique concept has broken through the local level and today one can visit more than 35 advisory locations nationwide ('Tambour Studio') that offer the exact same service.

Research and development

Tambour operates advanced R&D laboratories and consistently invests efforts in research and development for its products.  Each year Tambour develops a large number of new products, effects, industrial paints and construction materials.

As Israel's leading paint and construction products company, Tambour ceaselessly works to intensify its pursuit of the values of expertise and quality.  The company continually raises the bar on excellence, thus assuring added value and confidence in results for its end users.  As a brand, Tambour is endowed with marketing and manufacturing power, which accords it high marks in public awareness, preference and loyalty as well as high equity.  Tambour is proud to belong to Israel's elite brand collection.