Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility towards the community is a cornerstone value of the company, which employs some 800 households in Israel, a considerable portion of which live in the periphery.

For five consecutive years, Tambour has been awarded a Platinum ranking in the Maala corporate social responsibility index.  The company is transparent in its pursuit of social responsibility.

Diversity in employment: Tambour is dedicated to the goal of employing mainly workers from development areas, meaning that it creates hundreds of jobs in unemployment stricken areas.  The company employs a large and diverse assortment of workers including qualified persons who suffer from employment related difficulties (disabilities, pensioners, minorities and so forth).

Contributing to the community: Each year Tambour contributes paint products worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, with particular emphasis on needy populations.  The company's workers themselves perform volunteering projects, e.g., holiday projects (distributing paint cans filled with sweets at children's hospitals), institutions for the needy (Forum of Directors project for painting the Or Akiva center for at-risk families), painting hospitals (a Tambour middle management project for painting children's wards) and more.  Tambour encourages its workers to engage in volunteering activity and assists them in volunteering during their spare time hours—providing company resources (paints, brushes, etc.) as part of the basket of resources for volunteering programs.

Ethics: Tambour has a comprehensive Ethical Code; the company's legal advisor and vice president of human resources are responsible for the daily application of the Code, its incorporation and enforcement.  The company has an instructional program to ensure that the Code is effectively incorporated; additionally, the Ethical Code is periodically circulated along with workers' pay slips.  Each new worker is asked to sign the Code upon being hired.  At each Tambour site, the company has placed a locked suggestion box into which workers may insert complaints concerning ethical matters.  Also, the company operates an anonymous hotline for complaints; all submissions are examined by Tambour's VP of human resources and legal advisor.

Worker safety: Tambour has been accredited by the British Standards Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 18001).  The company constantly checks, monitors and improves the safety of its workers at their work stations.  Every few years, and when needed, Tambour's safety department conducts a risks survey of its various work stations based on the advanced JSA (Job Safety Analysis) protocol.  Through the survey, the company spots possible risks to its workers ahead of time and thus creates a safe working environment for them.  Additionally the company's safety manager regularly inspects internal safety in various departments.  The safety manager coordinates the activity of safety specialists officially authorized by Tambour to serve as its executive arm in maintaining an organizational culture of company safety.  The safety department regularly convenes for Safety Committee meetings in which safety issues are brought up by workers.  All issues are addressed and fully handled by company management.  The Safety Committee is composed of both workers and managers.