Public trust

Tambour is the only paint and construction company that is a member of 'Emun Hatzibur' (Israeli Public Trust organization).

Emun Hatzibur (non-profit organization for the public benefit) is a social organization established for the advancement of fairness in the conduct of Israeli businesses and public institutions.

Not every business is permitted to be a business that commites to the rules of Emun Hatzibur.  Only businesses that have been found by Emun Hatzibur to have met its rules are entitled to submit their candidacy for receiving the Emun Hatzibur seal.  During the candidacy stage, all of the business's consumer interfaces are examined in light of legal requirements and rules of Emun Hatzibur.  Should this stage conclude successfully, the business is entitled to commit to Emun Hatzibur rules.

For consumers, the Emun Hatzibur seal signals which businesses are worthwhile dealing with.  The Emun Hatzibur seal constitutes a declaration on the part of the business towards the public—that it commits to the rules of fairness, reliability, and transparency as set by the Emun Hatzibur organization.  Moreover the company's consumer interfaces are inspected by Emun Hatzibur.  The company undertakes to rectify all shortcomings found in its conduct and settle factual disputes with its customers.

Customers who are not satisfied with the company's handling of their business are invited to contact the Emun Hatzibur complaint hotline.

Additional information on Emun Hatzibur can be found on its website at: