Ethics Code

Basic values: honesty, fairness and trust.

  • Company business is conducted honestly, fairly and ethically while according respect to the other side.
  • Company observance of all laws, agreements, and rules of business behavior including business restrictions, preventing sexual harassment, complying with the Protection of Privacy Act and more.
  • Determined action to achieve company objectives while maintaining fairness throughout.
  • Supplying reliable products of excellent quality.
  • Fulfilling obligations towards workers, customers and suppliers.
  • Teamwork and respectful behavior towards others.
  • Loyalty to the company as a workplace.
  • Maintaining quality of service as well as company faithfulness to customers.
  • Continuous innovation, thus adding value to the company.
  • Professionalism, profitability, and excellent service orientation are the spearhead of the company's values in respect to its workers, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Marketing, sales and customers.

  • Customers are the company's primary asset and will be treated with respect and fairness.
  • Maintain fairness, respect and honesty in each contact with customers and in each public advertisement.
  • Commitment to truth in advertising.
  • Promote the safe and responsible use of the company's products.
  • Maintain reliability of information, prices and commitments to customers.
  • Ensure the existence of all required authorizations for signing on price quotes or contracts.
  • Preserve confidentiality in accordance with customer and company requirements.
  • Good customer service that is professional, available, dependable and courteous.
  • We work only by lawful means and never employ unfair or unlawful methods in promoting our products.


Suppliers and competitors

  • Procurement of products and services (including from subsidiaries) are based on product attributes and performance, data, quality, service and price.
  • Maintenance of fair behavior and suitable company representation in business meetings.
  • Ongoing management of the processes of review, confirmation, authorization and evaluation of suppliers.
  • The company will behave fairly toward suppliers competing for tenders and inform them ahead of time as regards special rules.
  • Observance of fair and respectful relations with customers or competitors and avoiding the discussion of business matters with competitors—all in accordance with rules of business restrictions.


  • Responsibility for the quality of company products and services rests with each worker/manager in his or her respective area.
  • Quality system of customer service.
  • Make certain that the activity of the company and its various suppliers, including product markings, comply with all relevant laws and standards.

Benefits and conflicts of interest

  • Maintain honesty, reliability, fairness and ethical behavior of workers towards customers, suppliers, fellow workers, subordinates and managers.
  • In all cases of procurement of products/service from a customer or supplier, report to direct manager.
  • Do not accept any benefits from an external entity.
  • Do not connect with an external entity that has a working relationship with the company nor purchase from them any product/service for private needs.
  • It is forbidden for superiors to receive any sort of benefit from a worker under his/her charge, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Prevent situations of business relations between a superior and a worker outside of working hours in order to avoid harming the working relationship.
  • Working outside of normal working hours is bound by labor agreements and must be authorized by the worker's superior and the human resources manager.
  • Avoid relations, investments or any other activity that generates conflict of interests; report such cases immediately to the immediate superior.
  • A company worker shall not execute a transaction that might constitute a personal interest or benefit to the worker; he/she will report on all such cases to the immediate superior.
  • It is forbidden to engage in private business activity with an organization that competes with the company or with a company customer or supplier without receiving approval from the superior.
  • The worker must make cautious and proper use of different types of information in his/her possession and maintain company secrets.

The workplace, working relations, and protecting assets.

  • The company owns numerous and diverse assets including equipment, materials, work time, knowledge and information.
  • Preserve company property and avoid its unsuitable use, i.e., for non-company purposes.
  • Do not use company materials or equipment beyond working hours or for non-company purposes.
  • Borrowing of company equipment is prohibited.
  • Observe the cautious and economical use of company property.
  • Observe the proper use of company computer systems in accordance with instructions of the IT department, including correct use of expensive equipment and being especially alert to the issue of computerized information security as well as privacy.
  • Uphold a positive atmosphere in the workplace including proper behavior and appearance.
  • The company employs workers solely based on their qualifications.
  • The company maintains reports of worker attendance and requires advanced approval for working overtime.
  • The company meticulously and uncompromisingly observes rules pertaining to safety and quality of the environment.
  • We demand decent, service oriented and courteous relations between workers; we absolutely prohibit sexual harassment of any kind including a hostile sexual atmosphere; we encourage workers and managers to maintain an atmosphere of openness and fairness such that a manager's door is always open to workers.
  • Ensure quality of performance and meeting timetables.